Live Music

Enjoy live music at two stages with performers from across the United States. Experience a wide-range of performers playing celtic rock, scottish traditional tunes and Irish pub favorites among others. Live bagpipe band competitions also take place on both days of the festival.

International Food & Vendors

Try our famous fish and chips and traditional celtic cuisines like Banger sausages on fresh rolls. Or stick with a local food truck favorite, a bacon havarti grilled cheese sandwich. The festival offers a variety of dining options as one might find wandering the streets of London enjoying flavorful indian cuisine or celtic pastries.

Beer Garden

Relax with friends under the oak trees, taking in the live music and enjoying a pint of local craft beer in the beer garden. We offer 10 craft beers on tap with a variety of English, Scottish and American style lagers, ales, wheats, stouts and porters.

Whisky Tasting

Come enjoy one of Scotlands greatest exports, fine single malt Scotch Whisky. Our Whisky Tasting event will provide you with a greater understanding of the history, distillation process and various tasting characteristics of fine Whiskies.

Drum Major Competition

Back by popular demand is the acclaimed Classic Drum Major Contest featuring world class Drum Majors. The Drum Majors parade the pipe band while showing off their skills for the honor of top Drum Major of the Monterey Games. This competition is sure to be enjoyable for all who attend.

Scottish Heavy Athletics
Traditionally, the Highland Games revolved around athletic and sports competitions. The games were also a way for clans to showcase their relative strength without actually having to go to war. Some of the implements used in the games were created as alternatives to traditional weapons when England forbid any Scotsman from bearing arms. Though other activities were always a part of the festivities, many today still consider Highland athletics to be what the games are all about in short, that the athletics are the Games, and all the other activities are just entertainment.
Events include:

caber toss, weights for distance, weight over the bar, heavy hammer, open stone putt, braemar stone putt and sheaf toss.

Bagpipe Band Competitions

Watch one of the fastest growing competitions on the west coast as top bagpipe bands compete. World champion judges evaluate and score performances to determine the winners of the competitions. Be sure to join the massed bagpipe band performance to watch these talented musicians perform together.

Sheep Dog Demonstration

Watch as these intelligent and highly skilled dogs gently herd sheep and ducks, under their handlers every command. Introduced to livestock as puppies so they imprint on the animals these animals are always able to get their ducks in a row! Do not miss this demonstration of instinct combined with careful training and guidance.

Highland Dancing

This is one of the most competitive forms of dance anywhere in the world. The origins of these dances lie within the Scottish clansmen, who performed before and after battle. Watch the Sword Dance, performed over two sword blades, or the Highland Fling, said to be a dance of triumph at the end of a battle. See which of these exceptional dancers will win the battle!

Living History

A historical re-enactment portraying life in 15th century Scotland. Performers will entertain and educate you through the medium of living history.
Also make sure that you check our Vaden Forge where the wee ones can make a special craft to take home.

Scottish Clans

Clans are kinship groups among the Scottish people and are generally identified with geographical areas originally controlled by their founders or an ancestral castle. Clans give a sense of shared identity and ancestral heritage to members. Most have their own tartan patterns, usually dating from the 19th century, which are often incorporated into kilts or other clothing. The Festivals Clan Village is devoted to all things Scottish; histories, tartans, and a lively and informative social scene.